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Welcome to, a website dedicated to the Car Craft Cyclone kit car produced between 1995 and 2000.


My original aim for this site was to put the car in some form of context, with a good display of pictures, as well as a detailed and accurate background to the car and how it came into being.


However, as I've assembled the site and bought my third CC Cyclone (14/4/09) I've found it becoming more of a reference for anyone considering buying a car or owning a secondhand car where original documentation may be limited. Owner/builders will of course know much of the information contained within the specification and suspension sections of this site, but hopefully they will prove useful to those who have bought a Cyclone already assembled. I'd love to hear from other owners (please send me pics and specifications on your cars).

Latest updates

This is a brand new site replacing the old Cyclone website. Could existing Cyclone owners please check that the details are correct for their car or contact me with updates and new pics. Thank you.


Hopefully everything is self-explanatory on this site and you'll navigate your way around easily.


The menu across the top features lots of drop down sub menus... click on these to jump to a particular page.


You may also find buttons on some pages, which will link to additional picture galleries. Click on any image to enlarge it, then use navigation arrow on left and right to flick through the full size images.


Facebook link: This takes you to a dedicated Cyclone group page. It's a closed page, so you'll need to ask to join, but it's a great place to communicate with Cyclone owners.  



Leigh and Terry Whiteman (with 'new' addition Scott - centre), the family team that created the Car Craft Cyclone.